Baltic Sea Properties signs binding agreement to sell retail property in Kursenai, Lithuania

Oslo, 18th of June 2021 – Baltic Sea Properties AS (“BALT” or “the Company”, and together with the Company’s subsidiaries, “BSP”) has signed a binding agreement to sell its retail property in Kursenai, Lithuania, which is leased by Maxima. The agreed sales price is MEUR 1.31, which is EUR 87 950 lower than the Company’s … Read more

The board has resolved to distribute dividend

In reference to the annual general meeting on the 16th of April 2021 and the decision under item number 4 to authorise the board for a dividend distribution to the shareholders, the board has today authorized and approved a dividend distribution of NOK 1.5 per share. The shares of Baltic Sea Properties AS will be … Read more

Baltic Sea Properties AS enters a MOU for an expansion project of 5.000 sqm for existing tenant

Baltic Sea Properties AS has reached a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with existing tenant, Delamode Baltics, of expansion on the existing cross-dock logistic terminal by approximately 5.000 sqm, with handover date expected during Q2 2022. Terms and conditions are expected to be at similar conditions as for the existing logistic center and will be reported … Read more

Repayment of Mezzanine-loan from Ambolt Mezzanine Sub-Fund

Reference is made to the company’s Mezzanine financing arrangement with Ambolt Mezzanine Sub-Fund. The company has repaid MNOK 26 (including interest accumulated during the first quarter 2021). The remaining principal loan amount after this payment is MNOK 14,2. The company has extended the maturity for the remaining loan (MNOK 14,2) for one year, with maturity … Read more

Notification on completed transaction of shares in Baltic Sea Properties AS by UAB “Liepu Projektas”

Reference is made to Stock Exchange notice on the 22nd of March regarding UAB “LIEPU PROJEKTAS” (Buyer) – a company controlled by board member and primary insider James Andrew Clarke – entering into an agreement with BCP AS, Visgun AS, Emerging Europe Commercial Properties AS and Eruca AS (Sellers) for the Buyer’s acquisition of in … Read more