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Premises for lease

We provide high-quality premises for lease in our professionally managed multi-tenant and single tenant projects.

Lease options in existing projects:

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BSP – Vilnius (Minsk Rd.) Industrial Park

Vilnius, Lithuania Production/Logistics 2,000 – 10,000 Sigitas Jautakis
+370 652 47 287


We design and build unique projects for lease considering our clients’ current and future needs – with a strong focus on partnership and value engineering.

We have a strong track record in the development of build-to-suit projects:

  • Rhenus – Stage 1:   13,000 sqm logistics terminal was handed over to Rhenus in 2017.
  • Rhenus – Stage 2:   5,000 sqm expansion delivered in January 2020.
  • Oribalt – Stage 1:   6,807 sqm logistics terminal was handed over to Oribalt in 2020.
  • Delamode – Stage 1:  8,329 sqm logistics terminal was handed over to Delamode in 2020.
  • Delamode – Stage 2: 4,780 sqm expansion was handed over to Delamode in September 2022.
  • DPDgroup – Stage 1:  4,142 sqm (Šiauliai and Telšiai) was handed over to DPD in October 2022.
  • Oribalt – Stage 2:   2,800 sqm expansion to be delivered in Q3 2023.

Baltic Sea Properties is trusted by some of the strongest industry brands in the region:

  • Rhenus Logistics
    The Rhenus Group is one of the leading global logistics service providers with 33,500 employees across 820 sites, offering solutions for a wide range of industries along the entire supply chain, including multimodal transport, warehousing, customs clearance and innovative value-added services.
  • Girteka Logistics
    Girteka Logistics is one of Europe’s largest transport companies, delivering more than 820,000 full truck-loads annually, with more than 9,000 trucks and 9,700 trailers operating in Europe, Scandinavia and CIS as of 2021.
  • DPDgroup
    DPDgroup is an international parcel delivery service for sorter compatible parcels. Their services are available in Europe, Asia, South Africa, India, Brazil and several other countries in the world, either directly or through partnerships.

The quality of these projects have earned us public recognition as one of the strongest Baltic brands in logistics/industrial development:

Sale & Lease-back

We purchase existing projects/buildings and lease-back (sale & lease-back) to our clients, offering valued-added solutions. Investments in the buildings, lease terms and conditions can be tailored to suit our client’s needs.

Sale & lease-back agreements have several benefits for our clients including:

— Market value is realised and capital is released

Capital is released immediately for re-investment in core business, M&A opportunities, reduction of debt, etc.


— Secure investments to buildings
Future-proof expansions, renovations, energy/sustainability upgrades and other requirements needed for growth and profitability of the operations.


— Reduction in facility costs & responsibilities

Facility operation responsibilities and non-core service costs can be reduced by professional facility management and consolidated supplier procurement.
We are readily available for co-operation and collaboration, including project assessment and providing indicative sale & lease back offers with financial modelling.

Real estate services

We provide professional management services both internally and to external clients including:

Investment & Asset management (including Joint Ventures)

We provide strategic management services including; investment structuring, portfolio investment/divestment strategies, M&A and asset sourcing, project life-cycle planning, transaction management, financial engineering, general asset management, etc. Although we prefer to have an equity stake in the projects we manage, we also provide independent services to external investors.

Project management

We provide comprehensive project management services for all projects including; feasibility assessment, acquisitions, concept development, planning coordination, design supervision, tendering & procurement, construction & fit-out management, etc.

Property & facility management

We provide property management services including; project strategy development, CAPEX planning, marketing & leasing, budgeting, supplier procurement, client relationship management, property & facility supervision, administration, invoicing, reporting, etc.

Property maintenance 

We provide construction & technical maintenance services directly and with specialist sub-contractors.

Accounting & administration

We provide full company accounting and administration services directly.

Our approach


Client focus

Our projects are designed according to our clients' current and future needs. We offer our partners reliability, flexibility and value innovation - allowing us to grow together.


Attractive locations

We own and acquire development land in strategic locations for current and future park and portfolio expansion.


Quality real estate

We design and build our projects with a focus on superior design, quality materials, modern technology and sustainability.



We believe in long-term partnership with strong clients and are committed to increasing the lifecycle value of our assets.


We value long-term partnerships and are committed to find flexible and innovative solutions catered to your needs throughout the lease period.

In the section below you can read some examples of mutually beneficial solutions for our valued clients.


Building for the future — a holistic approach 

We are working actively with both building- and system-optimising solutions to improve the sustainability and reduce the carbon emission footprint of our operations.

We focus on the long-term longevity of our buildings and optimising our strategic locations. That is why we always design the buildings in our new developments to be durable for the long-term, focusing on high-quality material and solutions which offer building flexibility and adaptability for business and operational changes, different clients, and lease cycles over its lifespan.

With strategic optimisation of our development land we ensure that the utilisation of the land plot encompasses future expansion opportunities, more green zones and allow development of amenities with and for the people and communities surrounding our buildings.

We are strong believers of early-stage planning in collaboration with our clients in our built-to-suit developments. We believe transition of the sustainability and quality in the operations should be imbedded in the development of buildings, also for industrial and logistics. Hence, at an early stage in the process, Baltic Sea Properties can also offer an open-book development approach on a cost-plus basis, including designing and value engineering consultancy, throughout the different development stages.

Our current sustainability solutions

We offer a variety of sustainability solutions to our clients:

  • Efficiency-focused designs, emphasising quality and longevity.
  • LED lighting in all buildings.
  • Geothermal heating, heat pumps.
  • Waste management and recycling systems.
  • Solar panels (photovoltaic cells).
  • Charging stations for electric vehicles.
  • BREEAM In-Use “very good” certification as a minimum.
  • Focus on energy efficient solutions for renovation processes.

Our focus areas

As part of our ongoing BREEAM In-Use assessment, we have identified the following focus areas:
  1. Energy
  2. Health & Well-Being
  3. Transport
  4. Water
  5. Food Waste & Recycling
  6. Resilience
  7. Land-Use & Ecology
  8. Pollution

Narrowing our focus down to these 8 areas helps us define concrete measures and assess which that will yield the greatest benefit to the environment, our communities, and other stakeholders.

The BREEAM certification framework

All our new developments will be compliant with BREEAM In-Use “Very Good” as a minimum.

We are currently conducting a full sustainability analysis for the majority of our existing portfolio, according to the BREEAM certification standard.


BREEAM is the world’s leading science-based suite of validation and certification systems for sustainable built environment.

Since 1990, BREEAM’s third-party certified standards have helped improve asset performance at every stage, from design through construction, to use and refurbishment. ​​ Millions of buildings across the world are registered to work towards BREEAM’s holistic approach to achieve ESG, health, and net zero goals. ​It is owned by BRE – a profit-for-purpose organisation with over 100 years of building science and research background.

— BRE Group (


BREEAM In-USE International rating benchmarks

BREEAM In-Use rating benchmarks enable landowners and other stakeholders to compare the performance of assets. The BREEAM rating benchmarks for project assessment using BREEAM In-Use International are outlined below.

Each BREEAM rating broadly represents:
  1. Outstanding: Performance that goes beyond best practice.
  2. Excellent: Performance that represents best practice.
  3. Very Good: Performance that represents advanced good practice.
  4. Good: Performance that represents intermediate good practice.
  5. Pass: Performance that represents standard good practice.
  6. Acceptable: Performance that represents performance that meets BREEAM’s minimum levels of performance for key environmental issues.


Very Good